New Visual Feedback Tool for Web Designers

Communicate with your developer so your design is pixel perfect!

Why we built Webscope?

Designer - Developer communication is full of friction

You have to work really hard using email and screenshots to communicate with your developer

Webscope streamlines communication and makes it fast and easy

Save time and money with live website feedback

Wouldn't it be great if you could show your developer exactly what they got wrong? With Webscope you can leave your developer notes on an actual live website and take back control over your designs.

Get all your projects in one place

Webscope allows you to organize all of your projects in one neat dashboard so you can instantly know what is going on with each projct. See the progress your developer made, leave notes, and get things done.

Super Cool Features

Mobile, desktop and tablet views

Easily locate notes

Let your developer know you left them notes with a single click

Leave feedback on a live website!

Multiple users - get all your developers and designers in one conversation

Easliy discuss every detail of your original design

Pricing and Plans


Take it for a spin

  • A single Project

Single Designer

Invite your friends

  • Up to 3 Projects
  • 2 Additional Designers
  • Unlimited Developers


Small agencies

  • Up to 7 Projects
  • 5 Additional Designers
  • Custom Branding


Medium & large agencies

  • Up to 30 Projects
  • 20 Additional Designers
  • Custom Branding

Take Your Web Design
Skills to the Next Level!


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