Client Feedback Has Never Been This Easy

Stop wasting time with messy emails and vague screenshots

Why we built Webscope?

Client - Developer communication is full of friction

You have to work really hard using Email and Screenshots to communicate with your clients

Webscope channels all the communication in one place

Save time and money with live website feedback

Do you find yourself parsing emails more than writing code? Clients' requests are vague and unorganized? Save valuable billable hours by cutting down on the hassle of communicating accurately with your clients

Become your clients' best supplier - Charge more and get more work!

Webscope was built as a simple visual tool so even the most technically-challenged clients will love working with your agency. Up your game by branding Webscope with your agency's colors and logo

Works perfectly with your favorite CMS

Webscope loves all websites. Whether they are built with Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, an SPA, or good old static HTML. Setting up a new project is quick and painless, just add a snippet to your website and you're ready to go

Super Cool Features

Mobile, desktop and tablet views

Easily locate notes

Let your client know you made changes to his website with a single click.

Leave feedback on a live website!

Multiple users - get all your developers and clients in one conversation

Easliy discuss every note and bug in your client’s website.

Pricing and Plans


Take it for a spin

  • A single Project

Single Developer

Invite your friends

  • Up to 3 Projects
  • 2 Additional Developers


Small agencies

  • Up to 7 Projects
  • 5 Additional Developers
  • Custom Branding


Medium & large agencies

  • Up to 30 Projects
  • 20 Additional Developers
  • Custom Branding

Take Your Web Development
Business to the Next Level!


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